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Saving Money with a Water Meter

At A1 Gas Force we like to help you save money and know the pressures of running a home with ever rising costs.

Once you’ve made sure your central heating is in top condition, had a boiler service and turned down your thermometer, there is another way you can keep costs in check: we can help you to reduce the amount of water you use with a few simple checks and straight forward installations.

Many people in the UK are likely to have grown up without a water meter, and getting used to the fact that you are paying for what you actually use can take some adapting. The good news is that with a few changes of habit and one or two new accessories, you can save significant sums on your water bill, and on your energy bills too!

Use less hot water for maximum efficiency

If you are a household with a water meter it’s good to remember that you are paying twice for hot water: for the energy to heat it and for the water itself. But there are a few hand tips you can use to keep a lid on your usage:

  • Water-efficient showerhead: if your shower is plumbed in to the mains, you could save up to £200 a year by fitting a super-efficient showerhead.
  • Reduced flow taps: these can be fitted in the kitchen and bathroom, and use aeration to give the feel of a higher flow using less water.
  • Swap baths for showers: a simple swap will make you savings on all that hot water, and time on running the bath too.
  • Turn off taps while brushing your teeth.

Keep your plumbing in good repair

Dripping or leaking taps can add up to over 5000 litres of water a year, so make sure washers are fit for purpose, or get a plumber out to do the job.

At A1 Gas Force we supply bathrooms and accessories, as well as carry out servicing and boiler repair in Leamington Spa and beyond. Have a look round our website for further information.