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A Quick Guide to Choosing Radiators

Are you installing a new central heating system? If you are fitting a new system from scratch or renewing the whole thing, the radiators you choose can have a big impact both functionally and visually on your home, so why not spend a bit of time investigating all the options.

At A1 Gas Force we deal in all aspects of central heating, boiler service and boiler repair, and many other tasks required of a plumber – and this is what we’d suggest if you are looking for new radiators:

Key considerations

Heat output: measured in BTU/h (British Thermal Units per hour) the heat produced by a radiator should meet the requirement for the room. This is something that can be worked out by your heating engineer, or you can use BTU calculators, usually found on manufacturers’ websites.

Size and positioning: your new radiator will take up significant wall space in your room, so plan its positioning carefully. Under windows and in other colder areas is usually where radiators are best placed.

Materials and design: moving away from the boring bog standard radiator that has dominated much of the modern era, designers are now being more adventurous in materials and design. Aluminium and cast iron are increasingly popular alternatives, each with their own pros and cons, and work is even being done in glass and stone at the experimental end of the market.

Finding a good supplier and installer

As a NICEIC and Gas Safe accredited company, A1 Gas Force Leamington Spa are fully qualified to provide expert advice and services for your central heating installation.

We have a multi-skilled team, regularly carrying out work in boiler repair and plumbing, and with a great reputation locally, in Leamington Spa and beyond.

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