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What Will My Boiler Installation Cost?

Working out whether it is worth getting a new boiler system installed can be tricky, and certain factors will have a significant bearing on the figures. Being able to make an assessment based on your particular circumstances is invaluable, and will allow you to accurately work out how much your investment in a new system will save in the long run.

Below we look at some of the main points to consider, and how that can affect what your boiler installation will cost.

What should I be factoring into my calculations?

System capacity: the amount of water your system and heat, and the number of rooms it can warm will depend on the infrastructure of pipes and radiators, and the size of your boiler. The inescapable fact is that larger homes cost more to fit, and if you need hot water for a big family every morning, the boiler needs to be able to cope. Be sure to factor in the benefits of good insulation, additional heat sources (a wood burning stove etc.), and the adverse effects of double height ceilings, glass walls and old, leaky buildings.

What can you keep? A great way to keep costs under control is to make sure that any existing infrastructure that can be is incorporated into the new system. If you’re lucky, radiators and pipework already in place may just need a power-flush to make it compatible with your new boiler.

Oil or gas? When looking for either of these types of boiler remember that if you’re buying for an oil system your appliance will provide value in its long life span; if you’re fitting a gas boiler, the price may be more, but you can enjoy a much higher degree of efficiency than ever before, and can look forward to making satisfying savings on your fuel bills.

The best advice for calculating the cost of your new boiler:

Be realistic, factor in everything you can think of and get professional input.