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Boiler flow temperature: Should you reduce it to save energy and money?

As the UK’s winter chill sets in, homeowners are searching for ways to trim their energy bills. One effective yet underutilised method is tweaking the boiler’s flow temperature, a straightforward adjustment that can lead to substantial savings.

Boiler thermostat

Central to this approach is the boiler thermostat, which regulates the water temperature sent to radiators. Lowering this setting can conserve energy and reduce costs, leveraging that maintaining lower temperatures consumes less fuel. For those still determining the optimal temperature, seeking advice from a qualified plumber can ensure the system’s efficiency without sacrificing comfort.

Boiler controls

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between boiler and central heating controls. Properly setting central heating controls before adjusting the boiler’s flow temperature guarantees the heating system operates at peak efficiency. A consultation with a plumbing and heating expert can clarify these settings, ensuring your system is fine-tuned for performance and savings.

Adjusting the flow temperature

Contemporary boilers are equipped with mechanisms (dials or digital displays) for temperature adjustment. While traditional boilers might have a straightforward dial, combi boilers offer more nuanced control with two dials for heating and hot water. If the process seems daunting, a professional plumber can help adjust these settings accurately, preventing any compromise on your heating system’s effectiveness.


Homeowners have several strategies for setting their ideal flow temperature, from maintaining a constant, comfortable level to adjusting based on the weather. The best approach depends on individual preferences and the specific requirements of one’s home and heating system. Engaging a plumbing and heating specialist can provide customised advice, ensuring your settings are ideally matched to your home’s characteristics.

Decision making

A thorough understanding of central heating controls is vital before making any changes. A1 Gas Force is equipped to assist in optimising your system for both efficiency and savings. By carefully lowering the flow temperature, UK residents can save on energy and costs and improve the performance of their boilers. Tailoring this adjustment to your home’s needs is an intelligent move towards sustainable living. With A1 Gas Force’s expert plumbing support, making these adjustments becomes straightforward and beneficial.