Maintenance and Servicing a Boiler Annually

Maintenance of a boiler is not an easy task especially during winter, but servicing of a boiler annually, can improve efficiency, save money and lower bills. A Boiler service includes checking, cleaning, testing and fault spotting. Only a certified engineer can carry out this job correctly, so make sure to a hire certified engineer.

Regular servicing of a boiler ensures safety and helps in identifying and improving problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning which is very harmful. It is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas that can claim lives. But these leaks are rare so regular checking and maintenance helps in protecting incidences and keeps your family safe.

A Serviced boiler is an energy efficient boiler. But if there is a fault, inspection and testing should be done by experienced engineers using quality parts. A boiler which is not working can have an impact on your energy bills and equally, an efficient boiler can reduce your energy bills.

Boiler maintenance is necessary but regular testing should be done by qualified engineers as the boiler system is very complicated. For your safety you are advised to install audible alarm to help in leak detection.

Extend Life
Annual servicing helps extend the life of a boiler and ensures that you can use it for a longer period of time without problems.

Covers claims
Get your boiler insured because insurance Companys require a service record to honour your boiler cover claims.

Points to Consider when looking for A Plumber in Leamington Spa

Are you looking for a local plumber to take care of a plumbing job? There are a couple of things to make sure you consider that should make your search easier, and hopefully get you sorted out quickly.

The fact is that despite what we might think there are plenty of excellent plumbers in your area, and all you have to do is make sure that the one you choose can meet your requirements. Key factors to consider include:

  • What kind of plumber do you need? Many firms may specialise, so when you are browsing through websites, make sure you get the right one for the job. For e.g. is your job an emergency, or planned work? Are you a domestic customer or do you run an industrial plant?
  • Timescales: when you have a start list and begin calling for more information, make sure you are clear on when you need the work done by. This means that both parties know what is needed, and you know that your expectations can be met.
  • Budget: most good plumbers want to offer value for money but there may be variables, so make sure that you set out with a worked-out, realistic budget for your work.
  • Qualifications: there are government backed schemes for plumbers and central heating engineers that aim to give customers peace of mind that the plumber they use is qualified for the job. Look to see if your company has NICEIC and Gas Safe accreditation.

Find the right plumber, fast!

A1 Gas Force Leamington Spa carry out work for domestic and commercial customers in your area. We are fully accredited and insured, and our focus on quality customer care ensures we have a great reputation locally.

Get in touch if you are looking for that reliable, competitively priced service where you live.

A Quick Guide to Choosing Radiators

Are you installing a new central heating system? If you are fitting a new system from scratch or renewing the whole thing, the radiators you choose can have a big impact both functionally and visually on your home, so why not spend a bit of time investigating all the options.

At A1 Gas Force we deal in all aspects of central heating, boiler service and boiler repair, and many other tasks required of a plumber – and this is what we’d suggest if you are looking for new radiators:

Key considerations

Heat output: measured in BTU/h (British Thermal Units per hour) the heat produced by a radiator should meet the requirement for the room. This is something that can be worked out by your heating engineer, or you can use BTU calculators, usually found on manufacturers’ websites.

Size and positioning: your new radiator will take up significant wall space in your room, so plan its positioning carefully. Under windows and in other colder areas is usually where radiators are best placed.

Materials and design: moving away from the boring bog standard radiator that has dominated much of the modern era, designers are now being more adventurous in materials and design. Aluminium and cast iron are increasingly popular alternatives, each with their own pros and cons, and work is even being done in glass and stone at the experimental end of the market.

Finding a good supplier and installer

As a NICEIC and Gas Safe accredited company, A1 Gas Force Leamington Spa are fully qualified to provide expert advice and services for your central heating installation.

We have a multi-skilled team, regularly carrying out work in boiler repair and plumbing, and with a great reputation locally, in Leamington Spa and beyond.

Get in touch to find out more about: boiler service, central heating repair and installation, and plumbing services.

Saving Money with a Water Meter

At A1 Gas Force we like to help you save money and know the pressures of running a home with ever rising costs.

Once you’ve made sure your central heating is in top condition, had a boiler service and turned down your thermometer, there is another way you can keep costs in check: we can help you to reduce the amount of water you use with a few simple checks and straight forward installations.

Many people in the UK are likely to have grown up without a water meter, and getting used to the fact that you are paying for what you actually use can take some adapting. The good news is that with a few changes of habit and one or two new accessories, you can save significant sums on your water bill, and on your energy bills too!

Use less hot water for maximum efficiency

If you are a household with a water meter it’s good to remember that you are paying twice for hot water: for the energy to heat it and for the water itself. But there are a few hand tips you can use to keep a lid on your usage:

  • Water-efficient showerhead: if your shower is plumbed in to the mains, you could save up to £200 a year by fitting a super-efficient showerhead.
  • Reduced flow taps: these can be fitted in the kitchen and bathroom, and use aeration to give the feel of a higher flow using less water.
  • Swap baths for showers: a simple swap will make you savings on all that hot water, and time on running the bath too.
  • Turn off taps while brushing your teeth.

Keep your plumbing in good repair

Dripping or leaking taps can add up to over 5000 litres of water a year, so make sure washers are fit for purpose, or get a plumber out to do the job.

At A1 Gas Force we supply bathrooms and accessories, as well as carry out servicing and boiler repair in Leamington Spa and beyond. Have a look round our website for further information.

What Will My Boiler Installation Cost?

Working out whether it is worth getting a new boiler system installed can be tricky, and certain factors will have a significant bearing on the figures. Being able to make an assessment based on your particular circumstances is invaluable, and will allow you to accurately work out how much your investment in a new system will save in the long run.

Below we look at some of the main points to consider, and how that can affect what your boiler installation will cost.

What should I be factoring into my calculations?

System capacity: the amount of water your system and heat, and the number of rooms it can warm will depend on the infrastructure of pipes and radiators, and the size of your boiler. The inescapable fact is that larger homes cost more to fit, and if you need hot water for a big family every morning, the boiler needs to be able to cope. Be sure to factor in the benefits of good insulation, additional heat sources (a wood burning stove etc.), and the adverse effects of double height ceilings, glass walls and old, leaky buildings.

What can you keep? A great way to keep costs under control is to make sure that any existing infrastructure that can be is incorporated into the new system. If you’re lucky, radiators and pipework already in place may just need a power-flush to make it compatible with your new boiler.

Oil or gas? When looking for either of these types of boiler remember that if you’re buying for an oil system your appliance will provide value in its long life span; if you’re fitting a gas boiler, the price may be more, but you can enjoy a much higher degree of efficiency than ever before, and can look forward to making satisfying savings on your fuel bills.

The best advice for calculating the cost of your new boiler:

Be realistic, factor in everything you can think of and get professional input.

5 Steps to Choosing the Right Boiler Installation Company

  1. You need to know your installer will do a good, safe and reliable job. A reliable indication of professionalism is the accreditations a company carries: Gas Safe and NICEIC assess the competence of gas and electrical contractors, and knowing your firm is approved can provide the peace of mind you need.
  1. Look for a well-established company that invests in its staff and premises. A thriving business is a good sign of quality and value for money: with over 28 years in business A1 Gas Force have built up a happy customer base and an excellent reputation locally.
  1. Make sure your quote is clear, free, and easy to understand. A reputable company will be able to tell you straight what the job will cost, and you can be sure you’re getting a fair deal. If you’re not sure where a cost is coming from, or how a quote has been calculated, ask!
  1. Have a chat! It’s very straightforward, but there’s no better way to get a sense of how an installer regards its customers than to pick up the phone, or head down to their premises. If the person who answers the phone is keen to help, knowledgeable and interested in you, you’re off to a good start. A1 Gas Force Leamington Spa have a welcoming showroom where you can come to discuss your plans and meet our team who are happy to answer any questions you have.
  1. Do they offer a good choice of products from a selection of brand name suppliers? An installer should have good links with boiler manufacturers such as: Vaillant, Worcester, and Baxi. Look for other indications that the firm has a good reputation in their field: a relationship with a government initiative such as the Green Deal is a positive sign.