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Maintenance and Servicing a Boiler Annually

Maintenance of a boiler is not an easy task especially during winter, but servicing of a boiler annually, can improve efficiency, save money and lower bills. A Boiler service includes checking, cleaning, testing and fault spotting. Only a certified engineer can carry out this job correctly, so make sure to a hire certified engineer. Safety […]

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A Quick Guide to Choosing Radiators

Are you installing a new central heating system? If you are fitting a new system from scratch or renewing the whole thing, the radiators you choose can have a big impact both functionally and visually on your home, so why not spend a bit of time investigating all the options. At A1 Gas Force we […]

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Saving Money with a Water Meter

At A1 Gas Force we like to help you save money and know the pressures of running a home with ever rising costs. Once you’ve made sure your central heating is in top condition, had a boiler service and turned down your thermometer, there is another way you can keep costs in check: we can […]

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What Will My Boiler Installation Cost?

Working out whether it is worth getting a new boiler system installed can be tricky, and certain factors will have a significant bearing on the figures. Being able to make an assessment based on your particular circumstances is invaluable, and will allow you to accurately work out how much your investment in a new system […]

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